Friday, October 29, 2004


Knee-plus-30 days, 29-Oct-04, Friday:
Freedom! Very happy day after the meeting with the surgeon. He was extremely pleased with my progress. No more TED stockings. No more warfarin. I am now permitted to drive. Had X-rays done --- implant looks very very good. The quote of the day: “If you had taken four months to get to this point, I would have been happy. To have done it in a month, especially considering how bad your knee was when we operated, is pretty amazing.”

The next two months / 10 weeks are apparently more of the same battle. Keep the knee as mobile as possible by working constantly. Begin to build strength. Walk more, bike more, but continue ALL of the ROM exercises. Surgeon does not need to see me for 3 months, but expects me to work out a reasonable schedule of AHPT exercise with PTist. He doesn’t care if I go to PT 1X or 3X per week, so long as the daily AHPT continues as it has been.