Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The end of the pain?

Knee-plus-21 days, 20-Oct-04, Wednesday:
Good PT. Made 123 degrees (passive, with pain). 116 active, pretty much without pain. At-home PT yesterday included 3 full sets, and 3x3x5 (30 min) on the bike, each time. This was really tiring, but appears to be effective.

Sleep last night was good. Up twice, but fell back to sleep readily.

New scrips at the pharmacy. These should be the last ones, I hope. The plan is to stop oxycontin when current lot runs out (Sunday, I think), and then run this lot of percocet out til it’s gone. By then, I should be off of the warfarin, and able to resume ibuprofen. If I need anything at all. Right now, except for the exercise pain, there’s very little pain left to handle.