Monday, October 04, 2004

Walking the walker around the driveway

Knee-plus-five-days, 4-Oct-2004, Monday:
More of the same routine. I added more loops of walking around the driveway. I did AHPT 2X a day, plus quad sets whenever it occurred to me.

I called the surgeon’s office when they opened and scheduled the first follow-up appointment for 11-Oct. My first formal PT session is tomorrow. Apparently, PT is written as a scrip, and I could use any PTist from any practice that I choose. This is probably a billing issue --- PT is after all a separate service --- but it really made no sense to me to do the PT anywhere but at the practice where the surgeon is.

I felt so good that I checked into e-mail at work. No problems, but there was a lot of surprise that I was back at it.