Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Knee-day: anesthesia suite

Knee-day, Wednesday, 29-Sep-04:
Anesthesia suite:
I met yet another nurse, and answered a series of questions. I met the anesthesiologist. We talked about anesthesia options. Since I have a clear history re anesthetics, he suggested the use of a spinal/epidural. I would be sedated to the edge of unconsciousness during surgery, with the spinal to initially block the pain, and the epidural to manage the pain after that. The epidural would then remain in place for a few days during recovery, allowing for button control for pain. This was referred to as PCA, which is (I think) patient-controlled analgesia. I simply thought of it as “the button”.

The surgeon came came into the anesthesia suite, and chatted about what would occur. I was asked to sign an authorization to allow the “manufacturer’s rep in the OR”. Having access to a full inventory of parts within the OR during surgery sounded like a good idea to me. My new knee will be a Stryker Howmedica Scorpio.

The insertion of the epidural was simple. I sat up on the gurney. The nurse in the anesthesia suite washed my back with an antiseptic. I was given a sedative through the IV port, and told to lean forward. There was a very slight prick, and then ... I was completely out until after surgery.