Saturday, October 09, 2004

Weekend house guests do NOT mean you can relax

Knee-plus-10 days, 9-Oct-2004, Saturday:
I got a haircut today. My wife called the barber and set it up so that the barber would meet us before the shop opened (7 AM), and get me done without waiting. Ahh. This felt good. I am still sponge-bathing, though. I am content to wait until the staples are out before I try doing the shower routine.

We have a full house of company this weekend and since I had such a rough PT day on Friday, I did very little today except for a walk my two blocks and back. This was probably an error in judgment. PT needs to have first priority, social responsibilities can come second.

As a point of reference, we live in a small town connected to a large college, with a large college football program. Our house is full of family, friends --- all alums or connected to alums. This is a wonderful experience. Every home football game becomes a family reunion, and an extended family reunion at that. However ... I was not terribly social this weekend.