Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's been 9 years ...

I had been assuming that the last post in this series would be at my ten-year anniversary, which would be in September, 2014.  However ...

In October 2013, I tripped and fell hard on my natural / biological / non-TKR knee.  Lots of pain.  I got out and used the old cane for about a week.  Even went to my family physician, who wanted me to have it X-rayed and then reviewed by my knee doc.  And I did all of that.

There is no bad news.  The damage to the left knee was just bruising.  Both knees were X-rayed.  The biological knee has a modest amount of degeneration --- but no real change since 2006, when the last set of film had been taken.  A little bit of spurring, a few floaters.  All in all, nothing to worry about, and nothing more to do.

The best news is that the TKR looked as good in 2013 as it did in 2004, right after surgery.  No osteolysis.  No loosening.  Nothing.  It looked as perfect as it could get.  

So.  I asked the "How long will it last?" question.  The answer: "The manufacturer is now projecting a minimum of a 30 year life on that particular device.  For you, that's 2034."  We did have a discussion about changes in TKRs since 2004, but as the doc left the exam room he said "Don't come back unless something changes".  

And that, folks, is my plan.