Monday, September 26, 2005

Another successful total knee replacement (TKR) climbs Mt Quandary !!!

It appears that I've inspired someone! I recently got a note from another TKRer who climbed Mt. Quandary:
Hello Great TKR - I believe we have much in common. I am 58 years old, and had a right TKR in August 2004. ... As with you, my TKR has been highly successful and the operation gave me my life back. My positive and negative experiences were pretty much the same as yours. I have not done the biking to the extent that you have, but have been swimming regularly, and working out at a fitness center since I finished PT. I also avoided the pain meds, worked hard to get in shape before surgery, scared myself when I saw"the bruise," and have had an overall very positive experience.

Here is the ironic part. I climbed to the summit of Mt. Quandary last Sunday (9/18). (My wife and I) went up to Breckenridge where we have friends who had been after us for several years to come out and stay with them. Their house is a few miles north of Breck, quite near the Mt. Quandary trailhead. I was thinking about attempting this mountain when I found your inspiring website and that settled the matter, I had to give it a try. Our friends are in their 70's and my wife is a cancer survivor, so none of them were capable of attempting a fourteener. I did a solo climb. Near the summit pyramid, I met a group of very buff young men and women from a Colorado Springs climbing club. They let the"old guy" tag along with them and helped me over the tough spots near the summit. I kept wondering where all the oxygen went! They gave me a round of applause when I reached the top. Very rewarding. On the way down I took some great pictures of mountain goats (below the saddle).

Your blog site is great. I hope lots of people considering TKR will read it.

There can be no limits to what you can do after a successful TKR. That's been my experience. That's also the experience of the gentlemen who followed me up to the summit of Mt. Quandary: "... the operation gave me my life back." All that I can say is "I agree!"