Friday, October 15, 2004

Finally making progress with PT

Knee-plus-16 days, 15-Oct-2004, Friday:
PT went well. I could do 116 degrees “active” (unassisted), and 120 “passive” (with the PTist pushing the relaxed leg until I couldn’t handle any more pain). I also got the PT recumbent bike to go around for the first time. The therapist was both surprised and impressed with the progress that I made in the past 2 days. I am convinced that a) it was the bike, and b) that by doing a reduced set of exercises before going to PT, including loosening up on the stationary bike, I could get loose enough to meet his expectations. Next week’s goal is 120 active.

I did a second full set in the PM. Bike is 2 min forward, 2 back, repeated 3X.

[Looking back, this second week post-op was a "breakthrough" week all around]