Thursday, October 14, 2004

I hate PT, I love PT

Knee-plus-15 days, 14-Oct-2004, Thursday:
Wednesday PM PT was also agony. The residual pain post-PT was intense. I doubled the percocet regime (2 tabs every 4 hrs) --- still within the instructions on the bottle.

Wall slides are simply not very easy to do in this house. I can slide my foot down the wall until I have to scream, but I am still not convinced that I am getting enough flexion. Therefore, I brought out the stationary bike, and began to work with it. I raised the seat until I could make the wheel go around, and then just kept working at it until I could make circles repeatedly. Afterwards, my knee feels looser than ever before, and with good ROM.

Blood flow from the right leg also seems to be better, and the swelling has gone down. That could be from using ice non-stop when not exercising, though.