Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What's that HUGE bruise on the back of your leg?

Knee-plus-14 days, 13-Oct-2004, Wednesday:
Knee-plus-2 weeks!

I scheduled my AM oxycontin and percocet to “peak” during PT.

PT today was absolutely brutal. My PTist could force my knee to 105 degrees, but I screamed in pain when he got it there. I left PT determined to get it there myself, and by Friday. It is ever so much easier for me to hurt myself than to let someone else do it to me.

The PTist also taught me to do wall slides to improve ROM. Butt about 3 ft from the wall; feet up high on the wall. Bend knee by sliding foot downwards to bed. Use other leg to push/pull it down the wall. This is agony, but it also seems to be effective.

Again, the only thing stopping me from better ROM is pain. And continued swelling.

After my shower today, I noticed that there was a huge bruise on the back of my right thigh!! No pain though, and neither pain nor “heat”. Nonetheless, I panicked. I immediately called the surgeon’s office and got his PA. Duh. The bruise is from the tourniquet which was on my leg during surgery. Of course, there’s a bruise, since I bled profusely after the tourniquet was released. It was a deep bruise and on the back of my thigh. I have only been taking showers for a day. I simply didn’t see it during the sponge baths.