Monday, November 01, 2004

Even more exercises

Knee-plus-33 days, 1-Nov-04, Monday:
PT to be reduced to 1X a week, but with increased rigor during AHPT. New exercises focusing on calf and quad strength, plus balance work. 115 degrees active, 120+ passive (sitting on bench and “sitting” down to get beyond 120. Swelling above knee continues to limit ROM, and we agreed to “work” on how to get past this barrier. The plywood top of the padded mat at PT is the height of the first hole in the cane, and the pad is to the second hole. When I put my right foot under the bench, I can then sit on it to get more flexion. The trick will be to figure out WHICH chair at home lets me get away with this one most effectively.

New exercises added at PT. One leg calf raises (30). One leg step-downs (new toy). Mini-squats on balance pads. Quad lifts (only to 45 degrees, do NOT lock). Lunges without bars. One leg balance (30 sec, 5X).