Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Time to buy a CryoCuff for home

Knee-plus-34 days, 2-Nov-04, Tuesday:
Election day, and physically, today is an achey day, for whatever reason. It could be that I am just reacting to pushing the AHPT pretty hard. It could be that the hour I stood in line to vote today was a little more than I should have done, especially since we followed it up with a post-voting Waffle Shop breakfast, meaning that the knee was bent and down for another hour after voting.

Regardless, I went ahead and ordered a CryoCuff for home. The swelling is keeping me in more pain than I want, and limiting my ROM exercising. Although this ice-water device is really simple, it costs $125. I ordered mine from Medco in Tonawanda NY. $113 plus tax and shipping took the total up to $132.87. I probably could have gotten a scrip for it had I been more patient, but ...

No walk today at noon, but went to work anyway. I’ll ice down as best I can when I go home, take some Percocet, and then do the PM full set of exercises. Maybe take the bike ride out to 30 min [I’ve been only doing 15, since the set is starting to get longer ...]