Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Today is knee-day-plus-six-months

Today makes six full months. SIX MONTHS. I've had a new knee for six months. And my overall experience remains positive.

Last weekend, my wife and I rode in four little airplanes (Dash 8's) from home through Philadelphia to Virginia Beach (and back) for the weekend. First of all, it was a joy to be able to stride through the airports. No need to stop and rest. No need to eat Motrin like candy.

Second, it is getting to be SOP with the TSA guys at check-in. "I've got a fake knee". "George, he's got a knee". And they wand you all over, and pat you down whereever the wand squeaks. Less than 3 minutes, max.

Third, I spent the long weekend working on a wood-turning lathe. On my feet. Standing upright in front of the lathe. For hours and hours on end. No knee pain. NONE. My legs were not even tired.

And yes, I do recognize that I am still healing. It's come a long way, and there's still more to do. But where I am today is really good, and so much better than I was before my TKR.