Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Stairs! I can do stairs!!

Knee-plus-35 days, 3-Nov-04, Wednesday:
I’m now on a once-a-week PT schedule. Today, I am still much more swollen than I like. Hoping that the CryoCuff helps, once it gets here.

I can now get 110 degrees on a wall slide without much problem. Working with the PTist pushing, I can get to 122 degrees with some pain, again on a wall slide. I think that the “heel-under-the-chair” plan to push beyond the 125 degree barrier is going to be the solution.

I tried to do the hamstring-dips today from a higher platform. Not good. I’m still at the lowest level --- maybe 4”.

I also had modest problems doing the one-leg calf-raises during PT today. Day 1 seemed so easy. AHPT began to be a little more difficult. PT was actually tough --- I had to break the 30 count down into 10, 10, 5 & 5. Maybe, I am just pushing too many of the same exercises into the warm-up?

I climbed steps for the first time today, 10X up and down, 4 steps. Not a problem so long as I am really loose. However, ROM re flexion is limiting not on the up-step, but certainly on the down. I’m almost there, but each down-step requires some adjustment to my foot or leg. I’m just not there yet, although it’s close. Meaning that I need to do steps as often as possible, but only after thoroughly loosening up each time.

Walking. Biking. Steps. Stretching. And building strength in every muscle group possible. The next ten weeks are going to be both hard and busy.