Saturday, December 04, 2004

"Workin' in a coal mine, goin' downtown ..."

Knee-plus-10 weeks, 8-Dec-04, Wednesday:
The hardest part of working full time is making sure that the AHPT continues. “The plan” was to go home at 1130A, exercise, eat a quick lunch, and return to work by 1P. This week, this occurred exactly ONCE. Client lunches, interviews, holiday errands.

Swelling continues to come and go. I spent Wednesday pretty much at my desk (and then at a after-work meeting). Leg down, knee-high socks --- significantly swelling above the sock line. My wife worries about potential infections, blood clots, etc. I am watching very closely for any symptoms --- there are none. No hot spots, no localized pain, no joint pain at all.

However, I am very restless at night after falling asleep. It’s easy to think that it’s related to the knee, and it may be. But I feel no significant pain, maybe a little muscle soreness. Maybe. And I continue to take ibuprofen before bed, just in case.

Extension and flexion both continue to be good. Stairs up and down are getting increasingly easier.