Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Clicking and clunking away on my noisy knee

Knee-plus-8 weeks, 24-Nov-04, Wednesday:
Exercise equipment now upstairs, except for the stationery bike. I am spending more of my evening in the upstairs living room, at least after my Mom goes to bed at 8 PM. Different “feel” in my torso, working on the carpeted floor versus exercising on a firm bed. No real difference noticeable in my legs.

We are discussing a return to full days at work next week. The trick will be to “make” time in the AM or PM to both walk and to continue AHPT. Going home for a long lunch, and spending 90 min walking/exercising may actually make the most sense. It’s nice to be the boss ...

The surgeon had warned me to expect the TKR device to make noises during this phase. I am having very little clicking or popping. It’s possible that the PT/AHPT has tightened up the tendons and ligaments to where there is very little “play” possible.

Swelling is also virtually gone, except after being on my feet for an extended period. Muscle definition in the thigh and calf of the TKR (right) leg continues to develop. I had not realized how much tone and strength I had lost in that leg during the past few years, but the PT people said that the muscles of right leg were about half the size of the left. Right leg is still “flabby” when compared to the left, but it is improving.