Friday, March 04, 2005

Swollen gland is NOT an infection

Knee-day plus 5 months: Friday, 4-Mar-2005:
Twenty-two weeks and two days.

The swollen lymph node turned out to be completely unrelated to my earlier root canal, and no risk at all to the knee [no infection]. Appears that I have a stone (yes, a stone) in the sublingual salivary gland, causing it to get irritated and swollen. Whew.

Why did it go away following my knee surgery? No idea, but there is apparently no relationship.

So how's the knee doing now? Great. My work schedule is keeping me from maintaining the exercise regimen at earlier levels, but I do what I can.

I can kneel comfortably on the new knee. It feels a little weird, since there is not the same kind of feeling in the implant (duh!). But I can kneel comfortably with the joint at 90 degrees, and can even begin to sit back on my heels, maybe to about 45 degrees (although I don't ever expect to be able to completely sit on my heels).

It's been years, and yes, I am kneeling on a carpeted surface. But it's been years ... I am looking forward to getting back into the garden.