Thursday, November 04, 2004

Getting through the flexion barrier

Knee-plus-36 days, 4-Nov-04, Thursday:
Full AM set, including bike. It’s raining, so the likelihood of a walk is pretty low. Once I regain more confidence in stability, walking in all weather will not be an issue, but right now it is.

Doing steps at home works IF I am fully loose before hand. Stretch, bike for 15 min, and then I can do steps. Going up is rarely a problem, but even fully loose, going down is still marginal. I need a few more degrees of flexion, and all the time. But it is going to work.

Sitting on a chair by the fire, putting my heel under the chair, and slowly sitting down on the right leg seems to be an effective mechanism to get that last few degrees of flexion. I hope that by doing this routinely, I can break through the plateau, and retain the ROM.