Friday, November 05, 2004

The joys of a CryoCuff

Knee-plus-37 days, 5-Nov-04, Friday:
AHPT. One full set in the AM, no walk at noon (weather); PM full set, with walk after short day at work. “Full set” including 16 min bike, takes a good 90 min.

The CryoCuff came last PM and is great. I can now “ice” pretty much for hours on end. Knee feels really good and tight after icing for an hour.

I also made a template to monitor foot-under-chair process from a piece of cardboard. I put the cardboard in front of a dining room chair, and made orientation marks on the cardboard where the chair legs touch. Each day, I simply trace how far back my toes can go. I should be able to calibrate “toe mark” on the template with degrees flexion after the PTist measures it each Wednesday.

I am making good progress on the stairs, too. Once loose, 10X up and down from the landing. “Up” continues to go smoothly. “Down” has that “pop” in it, whether from muscle weakness or just approaching current limits re ROM, who knows?

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