Monday, November 15, 2004

No pain, no cane!

Knee-plus-47 days, 15-Nov-04, Monday:
We have been sleeping upstairs since the middle of last week, and more or less successfully. I am still waking up at 3 AM-ish, and generally again at 5 AM. May or may not need to get up to urinate, depending on how much liquid I consume after 5 PM. Stopped percocets entirely last week (Dulcolax as well), and then stopped ibuprofen during the day over last weekend. There is no longer much in the way of pain, except from exercise. I am still using ibuprofen to get me through the night, though. Not sure if that is even necessary.

I stopped using the cane in the past few days, too.

I have also stopped icing down after AHPT. I think that I’m about as far along as I am going to get, at least short-term. The remainder is continuing to rebuild strength while retaining ROM.

Re range-of-motion (ROM): I can readily do wall slides at ca. 120 degrees, and can sit with my toes at the edge of the template (even with the front of the chair legs). However, I am still having problems coming down stairs, whether this is an ROM problem or a strength problem, who knows.

I also upped the weight regime to 5# on each leg.