Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sleep improves, and walking is getting comfortable

Knee-plus-42 days, 10-Nov-04, Wednesday:
PT today went well. 120 degrees active (and easily from wall slides), 127 degrees at the point of pain. The chair trick seems to be working well.

Another full night of sleep. It may be time to move back upstairs.

Knee-plus-41 days, 9-Nov-04, Tuesday:
Progress continues with AHPT. At work 2 hrs/da.

Last night was the first night since surgery that saw no getting out of bed from 1030P til 530A.
Percocet use is down to 2 @ 730A, and 2 @ 330P. Ibuprofen every 4 hrs from 930A to 930P. I may just stop the percocet entirely after PT Wednesday.

Walking is very comfortable, and can be done at a good fast pace. I carry the cane, just in case, but I am walking mostly without it. 1+ mi: time: 25 to 30 min